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Monday, April 25, 2005

Frist and GOP just plain lying

The Republicans are backing away from the "nuclear option" of changing the Senate rules because they discovered the American people did not like it. So what are they doing now? They're trying to say the Democrats threatened the nuclear option and coined the phrase. Fortunately, they can't hide from their own words even if they are lying to the media. As atrios pointed out from this exchange on November 14, 2004, between Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and a Fox News correspondent:

CHRIS WALLACE: Well, let me ask you about one of them, because some Republicans are talking about what they call the nuclear option, and that would be a ruling that the filibuster of executive nominees is unconstitutional, which would require not 60 or 67 votes but only a simple majority of 51.

SEN. BILL FRIST: Yes. That's right.

WALLACE: Are you prepared to do that?

FRIST: Oh, it's clearly one of the options. I've always said it's one of the options. What it basically -- it's called the nuclear option. It's really a constitutional option. And what that means is that the Constitution says you, as a Senate, give advice and consent, and that is a majority vote. And then you vote on that, and that takes 50 votes to pass.

Now compare that to what he said yesterday:

Now if Senator Reid continues to obstruct the process, we will consider what opponents call the “nuclear option.”

The Republicans coined the term "nuclear option" to threaten 200 years of Senate tradition and procedure in order to ram through the handful of judicial nominees that were already voted down once.

As someone pointed out, it should be called the "Republicans-are-cry-babies option" since 95 percent of Bush's nominees were approved. They lie about the filibuster and how they blocked Clinton's nominees. They lie about the phrase "nuclear option." Will the public wake up to the constant lying by the Republicans?

People keep finding more examples of the nuclear option being a Republican term and strategy despite their effort to now claim it was the Democrats:
From the Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi, 5/23/03:

"I'm for the nuclear option, absolutely," (Republican Senator Trent) Lott has said. "The filibuster of federal district and circuit judges cannot stand. ... It's bad for the institution. It's wrong. It's not supportable under the Constitution. And if they insist on persisting with these filibusters, I'm perfectly prepared to blow the place up. No problem."

What Lott and Frist leave out of course is they filibustered Clinton's judicial nominees. Do you know how you can tell when Frist, Lott, DeLay and Bush are lying? Their lips move.


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