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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Good news for women

This is from my DREMA email:
Prescription Drug Fairness Legislation Nears Passage

The most meaningful piece of legislation for women this year was unanimously passed out of the WV Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Wednesday without amendments or additional committee reference. It will be on first reading by the full Senate Thursday. The bill extends insurance coverage for contraception.

The West Virginia House of Delegates has already approved the measure which was thoughtfully crafted with bipartisan support of both House and Senate members and a coalition of pro-choice organizations, members of West Virginians for Life, representatives of the insurance industry, and representatives of religious employers.

The DREMA Dems compliment everyone who worked on this bill. Providing this health care coverage is a great gift to all women in West Virginia and we thank everyone involved for their compassion. We hope for unanimous approval by the full WV Senate.



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