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Friday, April 15, 2005

Howard Dean begins the rebuilding

You've probably seen this by now, but just in case:

From Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean

Every four years, a few months before the presidential election, the Democratic Party puts staff and resources on the ground in a few battleground states ... and then they're gone. After November the whole operation disappears.
Then, four years later, we do the same thing all over again. That hasn't worked. And I ran for chairman on a promise to do it another way.
So a few days ago I met with the state party chairs, and we made a decision together. For the first time ever we're going to build for the future by putting staff and resources on the ground early -- starting in 2005, not 2008. The first four states: North Dakota, Missouri, North Carolina and West Virginia.
How soon the next 46 states get moving depends on you -- can you make a contribution now?

What do you think?


At Friday, April 15, 2005 9:32:00 AM, Blogger John C. said...

Timely Post Ben...I'm glad that WV is among the first four as it should be since we have the important senate race looming large, just wish it had happened earlier last Oct or something like that...Dean may be appearing at the D.E.C. here in Oct. but sshhhh, it's a secret, promise not to tell...We'll probably have to start gearing up for that soon. As a growing region with lots of new transplants arriving each week we'll have to get to these folks before they are gotten by the evil repubs...


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