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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Senator Byrd has a fan club

Lots of people had great things to say about Senator Byrd over at DailyKos in this diary. Byrd voted for Judge Owens, one of two Democrats, but many point out that it was probably a back room deal to allow some of the judges to receive token bi-partisan support.
this whole nomination contest (4.00 / 3)

seems like a masters game of chess. I learned to play "back in my youth" but do not play now. however, I do remember the "traps" one had to learn to set, and "headfakes" to get your opponent to come out of his corner.
Is the trap set? Is it set by Byrd etc. for Bush et al? This could be the sacrifice of a pawn. I am still hoping. But I am getting some satisfaction by the disjointed response from different republicans. They seem definitely non-scripted at this point. That is a good thing.

He paved the way for others to cross over (4.00 / 2)
in votes to come, I suspect.
It is the role of the senior member of the Senate to offer that protection of a sort to others -- from either party. And he wears his role so well, doesn't he?
He also is such a born teacher, and I also suspect he is attempting to teach by example the way that bipartisanship and compromise used to be done. It is a Senate with more freshmen members than ever, I read, from the House -- and that it is no place to learn how to behave!

Sen. Byrd is above the petty politics of "just today." He has studied history extensively, not just recent but ancient history as well. He understands this battle was for more than a few petty judges this year, but for the balance of power to keep this government running. It was not without good reason that he gave that speech a few months back about similarities to the rise of Nazi Germany's Fascism. There are many frightening parallels with the current administration. Do the research for yourself.
When you are able to cite Cicero in context with current events with authority, when you have a knowledge base of even modern history that is 1/10th of his - THEN you may express an opinion.
OK, so I may be just a little prejudiced. While not personally acquainted with the senator, I have observed him my whole life, all 46 years of it. I have seen much to admire, some things I have disagreed with, and some things I have not understood, in his service to my state and to our country. But overall, I have developed a deep trust of his intentions. I do not say this lightly as I came of age during the Watergate years, and trust in the government was all but totally destroyed then.
Long live Senator Byrd, and please God, we need more like him.

Testy reminder to Bush from a group which is one-half Republican.
The second most important part is holding onto the filibuster for Supreme Court nominee. The Dems maneuvered well.
Politics is the art of compromise. View Byrd's speeches again.
And it was most wise of the Democrats to manage a list of the grievances against this administration over the course of days and days of speechifying. Everything laid right out with an invitation to moderate Republicans: Think for yourself; come join us.

Quite a few others as well.


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