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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Social Security events in WV

From Drema Dems:

Social Security Forums Fan Out Across State
Citizens in Mason, Jackson and Roane Counties turned out Monday for the Economic Forum on Social Security being carried statewide by West Virginians United to Protect Social Security. The panelists include economists from the WVU Institute on Labor Studies and Research, the AARP, the AFL-CIO, WV Citizens Action Group, WV Council of Churches and the WV Fair Shake Disabilities network. If you live in Marion or Cabell Counties mark the dates below and plan to attend. The forums are open and the public is welcome.
And if you will please, contact your local City Council and County Commission to ask that they sign onto the Social Security Protection Resolution. For more information or a copy of the resolution, contact: Margaret Jarvis
May 19, 2005 Fairmont Senior Center
105 Maplewood Drive
Fairmont, WV
11:00 a.m.
May 24, 2005Huntington City Hall Chambers
800 5th Avenue
Huntington, WV
6:00 p.m.
More than 24 million women receive Social Security benefits, and without Social Security, 53 percent of all senior women would be living in poverty. Democrats are fighting to save Social Security and stop privatization so that American women can continue to rely on this guaranteed benefit.
But despite 61% of the American public asking Congress to take private accounts off the table they power on. When do we get to the part where Congress does something for us instead of to us? House GOP Tries to Pass Soc. Sec. Overhaul

Social Security is still very much in danger, with President Bush's big business supporters spending $100 million to convince Americans. After you've watched this Flash, please sign the petition to protect Social Security from privatization. This animation is about what's wrong with the Republicans' Social Security plan—but it really is entertaining! This is the winner of the Bush in 30 Years contest sponsored by MoveOn PAC.


At Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:36:00 AM, Blogger ROMA said...

Is there really is a problem in 2017 and 2042? I believe that the Bush Administration’s and Karl Rove’s objective is being accomplished every time a Democrat says that there is a problem. The Republican’s goal is to get the young in this country to think that the Democrats do not care about them, and that the Republicans tried to help them but the Dems blocked it.

2 points that need challenging in the SSA’s numbers are the fact that they use unrealistic figures on the growth of our economy and number of workers in the work force. If these numbers alone reflected what has happened in this country over the last 75 years then SS would be solvent indefinitely. We need to talk about why the SSA is only projecting a 1.4% growth. Is that because the Republicans have run our economy into the ground, and are growing our national debt at rates never seen before? We need to talk about why the SSA used a share of population at work ratio that would actually decline? This would be unprecedented. Are the Republicans planning on putting more and more Americans out of work to satisfy their corporate friends?
Why are we as American and our democratic leaders so quick to accept the Bush's figures. We are headed into another Iraq if we accept their intelligence, and by that I mean down the wrong path that will in the long run require more and more money to bail us out.

At Thursday, May 19, 2005 1:35:00 AM, Blogger Carnacki said...

You're right.


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