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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Obstructionism in America

We’re Obstructionist???

The President this week at a fundraiser (I swear that is all this guy can do right) said that the Democrats are obstructionist, the equivalent of a stop sign. I am getting sick and tired of this president, senate republicans, and house republicans calling the democrats the party of no. Does it seem odd that every amendment the democrats put forward is voted down on a straight party line vote? Does it seem odd that the Republicans control the all branches of government and we are the obstructionist?

I’m sorry the American people are not falling into line on your Wall Street Welfare Scheme Mr. President, but maybe it is time for you to take a page out of John Kerry’s book. That’s right I said it you need to flip flop. You Privatization scheme is not going to fly and you need to stop wasting tax payer dollars going around the country to tell hand picked crowds how great it is. I know wealthy Americans would benefit and that is your base, but enough is enough. It is a loser and you need to let it go. I don’t care how much money Wall Street dumped into your inauguration celebration ($40 million), they spent it and you just have to face the music you will not be able to deliver this windfall back to them.

As for obstructionism, I think that a government that will not allow the press to do it job is obstructionist. I think a President unwilling to release his National Guard service record is an obstructionist. I think a White House unwilling to tell us how Jeff Gannon got a press pass is an obstructionist. I think a White House that influenced CIA intelligence reports is obstructionist. I think the Republicans trying to stifle debate on life appointments to the bench are obstructionist. I think No Child Educated Properly (No Child left Behind for you right wingers) obstructs a teacher’s ability to teach. I think the Dirty Skies plan obstructs my child’s ability to breath. I think the War in Iraq obstructs Iraqi’s children ability to be safe. I think using a term like “Axis of Evil” obstructs your ability to be diplomatic with countries like Iran and North Korea. I think giving tax breaks to companies who ship working class jobs over seas obstructs real Americans ability to earn a living wage. I think tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans obstructs our countries ability to pay its bills.

After all this who is really the Obstructionist to a healthy, vibrant, inclusive America?


At Thursday, June 16, 2005 12:00:00 AM, Blogger Panhandle (WV) Grassroots for Democracy said...

I loved how Bush said the Democrats were offering no plan on Social Security. Protecting Social Security is their plan.


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