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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Senator Byrd supports the troops

From an email from General Wesley Clark:

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the Bush Administration "is short $1 billion" to cover the health care needs of America's veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs this year. The current shortfall is made worse by the Bush Administration's inadequate budget request for next year's funding.

This is a moral outrage. This Administration -- which sent our nation to war based on faulty information, and then failed to provide the body armor to protect our soldiers in combat -- is now turning its back on our heroes after they come home.

As one who has answered the call to duty, and who has spent my share of time in VA hospitals, I find this unconscionable.

But there is hope for America's veterans. Senator Robert Byrd has been a longtime champion for America's men and women in uniform. He has consistently supported our troops -- while they are in harm's way and after they come home.

Support America's veterans by supporting Senator Byrd

In fact, just yesterday, Senator Byrd offered an amendment to provide $1.4 billion in emergency funding to cover the Bush Administration's shortfall for Veterans care. Senator Byrd is a tireless advocate for our troops, and because of his influential position as the top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Byrd has been a champion for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines -- and all of our nation's veterans.

But Senator Byrd is coming under fire from the same sleazy Republican political machine that attacked John Kerry in 2004 and Max Cleland in 2002. They are shameless, they are scurrilous, and there is no attack too slanderous for them to make.

Don't let the Washington Republicans -- who refuse to support our troops after they fight -- do to Senator Byrd what they did to John Kerry and Max Cleland.

Please make an immediate contribution today to send a strong message that we stand by our heroes.


Wes Clark
U.S. Army (retired)

I agree with everything the General says.


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