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Monday, July 11, 2005

Shelley Moore Capito won't protect Social Security

The vast majority of Americans are opposed to Social Security privatization. The only ones for it at this point appear to be the deeply entrenched and scandal plagued Republican leadership, who apparently see a chance to make money off it. U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito has refused to stand up for West Virginians on this issue out of loyalty to Tom DeLay, in my opinion. I base that off her walking lock step with him on almost every issue, including those opposed strongly by most Americans. DremaDems is reaching out to her once again to do the right thing for the people in her district instead of her party bosses. I think she's a hopeless cause and the only way for us to do our part to protect Social Security from Enron-style financing is to oust her and other Social Security privateers out of office. From Drema Dems:

Help us get Shelley Capito "Off the Fence" on where she stands on privatization.

We need people to hold signs and "fences" during another "honk and wave," Wednesday, July 13th from 11:45 am - 12:30 pm in front of Representative Capito's office at 4815 MacCorckle Ave, Kanawha City. If you are available or need directions, please contact Marge at 346-5891 or

SOCIAL SECURITY - White House Still Pressing For Robust Private Accounts

Congressman Rahall Stands Firm in Opposing Private Accounts

With the exception of Congresswoman Shelley Capito, West Virginians can count on their delegation to "Just Say No" to private accounts. Congressman Rahall joined the coalition last week in Logan for a spirited public discussion and pledged to do all he can to protect the guaranteed benefit program from government interference.

It's very decent of them to try to encourage her to do the right thing for her state. Too bad she needs to be reminded what that is.


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