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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Capito stands with Bush not the Truth

Corporate Capito has shown that she is not for really finding out who was to blame for the debacle that was the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. She voted against an independent investigator. Even though I believe that the aftermath was botched at all levels state, local, and federal. She seemed inclined to vote to make sure that her boss*, President Bush, does not take his portion of the blame. Yes, Mr. Bush did say that he would take responsibility but that is not the same as saying I am to blame for the failures of FEMA and Homeland Security. He could have stated that he failed the American people when he appointed Michael Brown, a long time friend, as the head of FEMA. Instead of a qualified individual, he appointed a crony with no experience at all with disaster relief. He could have stated that the Department of Homeland Security, his baby, has failed the American people since cities do not have proper evacuation plans in place incase of disasters. Instead he is calling for these now, 4 years after 9/11, and after numerous threats from terrorist. Apparently the threat level going up and down does not mean anything to Homeland Security since they are not ready to respond to a mass evacuation situation anyway.
It is time to get rid of anyone who votes to protect their party over West Virginians and Americans. Corporate Capito has yet to go out on a limb and state her beliefs on any issue that might cost her votes. She routinely states I am looking into the issue and listening to my constituents when really she is looking into which corporations will be affected most and who donated to her campaign. We are in need of real leadership in West Virginia not someone watching the polls and watching where the money is.

*I really thought we (the people of the 2nd Congressional District of WV) were her boss but you would never know it by her voting record.


At Wednesday, October 05, 2005 12:45:00 PM, Blogger John C. said...

Hey Roma, I hear that corporate Capito has taken some money from the DeLay bank of laundering...somewhere around 38K...wonder if it was legal or not


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