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Friday, September 09, 2005

Pastors for Peace collecting for Katrina survivors

Pastors for Peace are working with local groups to collect specific items needed for Mississippi survivors of Katrina. They will be in our area next weekend, to load a bus with things we collect locally. Pastors for Peace are working with Congressman Thompson and an established relief distribution center in Mississippi.

Two drop off locations are available

Trinity United Methodist Church
220 W. Martin Street
Martinsburg, WV (downtown)
(304) 263-9215
Drop off hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Debora Harding
197 S. King Street (old Fire Hall)
Shepherdstown, WV
(304) 671-9002
Drop off hours: 8:00AM – 7:00PM (ring bell or leave on porch)

We also need volunteers on Saturday, September 10, 2005 to assist with sorting and packing everything. Call Martha Murray to sign up as a volunteer – 260-0485 or .

The following items (ONLY) are being collected:




Toiletries, including women’s sanitary supplies


Non-perishable foods (in bulk quantities only)


Household supplies


Cleaning supplies


Bedding and towels


NO furniture – space is limited

Maggie Bryant-Gainer will be traveling to Mississippi with Pastors for Peace to offer relief. Contact her directly to support this effort – (304) 876-1176

Please try to supply boxes with your donations. For more information, contact Martha Murray (304) 260-0485 (evenings) or Maggie Bryant-Gainer (304) 876-1176.

For more details about Pastors for Peace, see their website


Update and additional information.
On Sep 6, 2005, at 6:01 PM, Margaret Bryant-Gainer wrote:

We have about 4 days to “fill the bus” heading down south to deliver relief to Katrina Survivors. The need is imminent please pass this on to whatever lists you have.

Congressman Thompson is a member of the black caucus you may of watched recently deliver on television a compelling statement concerning the need for help and lack of response. Pastors for Peace is working with Congressman Thompson w/ a distribution center.

FYI Please note that IFCO/Pastors for Peace was founded by people of color and closely connected with folks down south asking us for this help… so it is a wonderful connection for all of us who may want to be involved in any way.

“The first national foundation controlled by people of color, IFCO has acted as a bridge between predominantly mainline churches and community groups conceived of and run by people of color; as a broker for the channeling of interdenominational support; and as a resource bank supporting the work of congregations and organizations engaged in the work of community-building. IFCO has acted as a monitor, supporting self-determination by the poor, the hungry, and the exploited and insuring that their needs are not sacrificed for the priorities of the privileged in American society. IFCO has acted as a catalyst and a conscience in the movement for social justice.” To find out more
Peace, maggie


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