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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Byrd challenges Frist and wins

Via this diary on DailyKos:

On Sunday Bill Frist threatened to set in motion the "nuclear option" to block judicial filibusters if the Democrats threatened to filibuster Samuel Alito. Monday saw everybody's favorite parliamentary historian, Robert Byrd, react in a nice little debate with Sen. Frist...

"If he ever tries to exercise that, he's going to see a real filibuster if I'm living and able to stand on my feet or sit in my seat," Byrd said in a Senate debate with Frist, R-Tenn.
"If the senator wants a fight, let him try it," said Byrd, the Senate's senior Democrat. "I'm 88 years old, but I can still fight, and fight I will for freedom of speech. I haven't been here for 47 years to see that freedom of speech whittled away and undermined."

The animated exchange, springing from the majority leader's threat on Sunday to block judicial filibusters, featured Frist waving his hands and wiping his brow in exasperation.