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Friday, June 16, 2006

2,500 dead: the cost of 'freedom'

I'm tired of the right wing war whore lovers who think this war is a videogame. The honored dead are meaningless to them.

They can't wrap their chickenhawk wings around the idea that each of these deaths is about the worst thing that will ever happen to these soldiers' families and friends.

I saw a SUV this morning in front of me on the highway. On the back, it had a spare tire with a personalized cover of a soldier in his helmet looking grim-faced under the words "Freedom isn't free." Below the poster-sized face was "My son, our hero." And it listed his date of birth and death.

Somebody's baby. How do you tell a mother her baby boy is dead because an idiot wanted to be a war president and had to one-up his daddy because he's got mommy issues that his sorry, alcoholic ass never dealt with when he was growing up because Georgie-boy never had to grow up?

That woman's son didn't die to preserve our freedom. For the love of God I can understand how she needs to believe he did. That her baby is gone because of a noble purpose. That his sacrifice and hers mean something.

But the gruesome reality is it doesn't. The 2,500 lives were spent needlessly fighting an unnecessary war based on lies.

And that makes the pain even more heartbreaking.

So what freedoms were preserved by the Iraq War?

* We are free from federal surpluses.
* We are free from lower gasoline prices.
* We are free from having to read stories of Osama bin Laden's capture or death.
* Our nation is free from being considered a global leader.
* Our nation is free from being viewed as a moral authority when it comes to defending human rights and dignity.

horsewithnoname compiled a good list of freedoms we no longer have since this administration took office.


At Saturday, July 15, 2006 7:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posts are always right on and this one is no exception. That our boys have died in vain for this obsessed prez is no small consolation to the even bigger picture of our loss of standing and economic security in the world at large, even lowly North Korea is threatening to take action against us and we do nothing or so it seems. The war is ramping up in the middle east as this is written and guess who got it all started? If we weren't there in Iraq I'm sure this latest conflict wouldn't be as potentially dangerous as it is. This could be the big one and we can all credit our chickenhawk prez for all his hard work....sic.....hopefully he'll be impeached by next year and in jail before the end of his term.


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