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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Independent voice?

The other day I received a message from Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito saying she should be re-elected since she's an "independent voice" in Congress.

The thing is, she can't run from her record of being a Rubber Stamp Republican, one of the largest recipients of the corrupt Tom Delay's campaign contributions. And now she has President Bush fundraising for her.

How independent from Bush's failures do you think she can be when he's campaigning for her?

She's been nothing but a Rubber Stamp Republican who has provided no oversight of the run-amuk corruption and incompetence of the Republican leadership and this administration. Indeed, she's benefited by it, receiving campaign contribution after campaign contribution from Delay and from corporations eager to profit off the Iraq War at the expense of our soldiers and eager to see the elimination of worker safety regulations and inspections. From the invasion of Iraq to the cutting of federal mining inspections before the Sago Mine Disaster, she's been with the administration in lock-step all the way.

From the Charleston Gazette:

President George W. Bush spent a few hours in Charleston Wednesday afternoon, raising money for a political ally at a private fundraiser and getting jeered by opponents of the war in Iraq.

Air Force One touched down at Yeager Airport at 4 p.m. Bush and U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., got off the plane and were first greeted by Gen. Allen Tackett, head of the state’s National Guard.

Republican officials said about 275 people attended the fundraiser, which raised an estimated $500,000 for Capito. Many paid the maximum of $2,100 per person. She is seeking a fourth two-year term in a race against Democrat Mike Callaghan.


Callaghan, Capito’s opponent, said Bush’s visit shows Capito’s vulnerability this November and her solidarity with the Bush administration’s failed policies. He held his own fundraiser Wednesday evening, asking $21 per person for dinner, or 1 percent of the maximum allowable donation.

“The Callaghan campaign is about changing the direction of this country, which includes pushing the administration to find a way to end the war in Iraq, pushing the administration into providing health care for every man, woman and child, and pushing the administration into making prescription medication affordable to our seniors,” he said.

If we really want an independent voice who'll fight for the working people of West Virginia and not just for the wealthy people outside of the state, we need Mike Callaghan in Congress.


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