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Friday, August 11, 2006

Callaghan supports veterans

Republican Shelley Moore Capito, the largest recipient of campaign contributions from the crooked Tom Delay, reminds me of those people who put a "Support the troops" magnet on the back of her car and promptly forgets them. From Democratic candidate Mike Callaghan:

Released with the statement is a fact sheet on votes Callaghan’s incumbent opponent, Shelley Moore Capito, has made regarding veterans’ spending. "I want to help veterans hold the Bush administration and Shelley Moore Capito accountable for their cuts to veterans’ programs in the last six years," Callaghan said.

"The Bush administration and Shelley Moore Capito are trying to pull wool over the eyes of veterans by misrepresenting their voting record on veterans’ spending," Callaghan said. "My opponent has voted several times to decrease spending on programs for our soldiers, including recently blocking an amendment that would have provided $735 million that would have prevented an increase in veterans’ health care fees. That hurts veterans in our own communities. That is not fair to them."

Callaghan has met with veterans all over the state, discussing issues important to them. These discussions have focused on issues such as veterans’ health care and benefits, employment and proper care after returning from duty, and creating a plan for a resolution to the War in Iraq.

"Shelley Moore Capito is a rubber stamp for President Bush and his failed agenda. She voted to cut veterans’ benefits to give tax breaks to the wealthy. There is something seriously wrong with that." Callaghan continued, "When I am elected to Congress, I will work to get veterans what they deserve."

Help Mike Callaghan win so we can really have someone who supports the troops.


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