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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'Democrat of the Universe'

From an email:

"Democrat of the Universe" - that's the title awarded to Mr. Earl Barney earlier this year at a party for him in Berkeley Springs [W.Va.]. After all, he'd been a Democrat all of his 88 years. He served on the Democratic Executive Committee for many years, and he was a wealth of knowledge about the history of Democrats in Berkeley County. He had a great laugh, and was a terrific storyteller about the way things used to be. Mr. Barney grew up on the road I live on now, when there were only three houses and lots of orchards on what was then a little dirt, country road. He worked hard all his life, in the orchards, as a bus driver, a school custodian, and a few other professions as well. He was always very active with local organizations, and loved the yearly Barney reunions.

Mr. Barney and his wife Lyndell were married for 69 years. Recovering from a stroke, Lyndell has resided in a nursing home in Berkeley Springs for the past couple of months. They were very dedicated to each other, and Mr. Barney visited with her every day. He told me how it had been his job to take care of Lyndell, but she was being taken care of by the nursing home now, and he thought she was getting along pretty well. They will be together in spirit now, and I'm sure he'll be watching over her forever.

Mr. Barney passed away peacefully in his sleep Saturday night.


It's not going to be easy to say goodbye to a man who could make a better Democrat out of anyone. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. In his words, "Everyone should get out and vote - and vote Democrat!"


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