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Friday, August 11, 2006

The most important Lamont-Lieberman post you'll read tonight

Here in wild and wonderful Connecticut, I am eager to see Ned Lamont defeat a Bush-loving, rubber stamping Joe Lieberman.

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Ned, as you may know, was a federal prosecutor for nine years and West Virginia Connecticut Department of the Environmental Protection Secretary. He's taken on the corporate millionaires eager to exploit West Virginia's Connecticut's workers and resources. The same coal mine operator that would "mine his mother's grave if there was money to be made" is pumping in tons of resources to defeat Connecticut's Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont.

You can check out Ned's positions on the issues.

You can ignore what Lieberman is doing in Connecticut or you can help Ned so we can take back Congress in 2006 because every race counts.

Don't trust me? Here's what other people say about Ned:

Justin Williams, Buckhannon - "I like Mike Ned because he is very genuine and he connects well with people. Mike Ned should be elected because he works very hard for the people and he can help get this country on the right track."

Joyce Creel, Cottageville - "I like Mike Ned because he is inline with labor issues and he believes in the issues that affect working families. His positions on healthcare and education are what we need for this state. We need a change, and Mike is a great leader to help get us that change."

Jane Yearout, Martinsburg (and one of my canvassing partners) - "I like Mike Ned because he listens, he's smart, and most of all, he puts his fellow West Virginians Nutmeggers first."

Robin Truax, 2005-2006 Berkeley County Teacher of the Year, Martinsburg - "I like Mike Ned because he believes in the strength of the child/teacher relationship. He recognizes that No Child Left Behind was a failed policy, and will work to enact legislation that will actually help our schools. Better pay to keep the quality teachers here in our state is an important issue, and I know Mike Ned will work to make that happen."

Eloise Jack, South Charleston - "I like Mike Ned because he will defend our Constitutional rights. At the same time, he will not tolerate the corruption going on in Washington among the leadership. He will defend our national security without compromising our personal freedoms."

Patrick Bartram, Disabled Veteran, Charleston - "I like Mike Ned because he wants to actually do something about the war. It's time to quit making more disabled veterans."

Rhonda Golden, Martinsburg - "As a Republican, I like Mike because of his integrity and approachability. Mike is fair and his genuine concern lies with the people of West Virginia. He is a strong believer in national security, and I think his belief that every man, woman, and child should access to quality and affordable healthcare is important to the future of our state."

Mike Bright, Sheriff & Vietnam Veteran, Ripley - "I like Mike Ned because he is an outstanding person with integrity beyond reproach. I've known Mike Ned since he was in the U.S. Attorneys Office, and have been in court and trials with him. He is the most capable and intelligent attorney I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot of them. He will do an excellent job as our Congressman."

So won't you join me and my fellow Nutmeggers in supporting Ned Lamont for Congress in 2006? We need your help to win this race.

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