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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Top 10 list of bad Shelley More Capito votes

There are so many bad votes by Republican Rubber Stamp Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, the largest recipient of crooked Tom Delay's lobbyist money, that I'm surprised the West Virginia Democratic Party were able to narrow the list down to her 10 worst.

They're listed on the jump along with a way to replace her in Congress with a great candidate who'll work for the people of the United States instead of being a Rubber Stamp for George W. Bush.

1. Voted against a motion to the FY 2007 Department of Defense Authorization bill that would have ended the Military Families Tax (HR 5122, Vote #144, 5/11/06).

When she says she supports the troops, she doesn't mean it.

2. Voted for George W. Bush’s first tax cut measure that amounted to a $958 billion tax cut that gave the majority of the benefits to the wealthiest Americans--- 44.3% going to the wealthiest 1% (HR 3, Vote #45, 3/8/01.

She looks out for her fat cat friends in the corporate interests. I guess that's why Don Blankenship, who would mine his own mother's grave if money were to be made off it, is supporting her and why she supported an administration that fought cut mine safety inspections up to the Sago mine collapsed.

3. Voted for budget bill that would permanently eliminates the Estate Tax set to expire in 2010 which is estimated to cost nearly $1 trillion in revenue between 2012 and 2021--- a tax that effect only the most wealthy Americans and exempts 99% of estates (HR 8, Vote 102, 4/12/05).

Imagine the tax cut that the middle class and poor folk could have received if this tax had not been eliminated. She's willing to let the federal tax burden be carried by everyone else so the rich can get richer and the rest of us get poorer

4. Voted for a budget conference report that cut veterans health care by $13.5 billion over 5 years (HCR 95, Vote #149, 4/28/05)

Despicable. Just plain despicable. At a time when she can support the most corrupt administration which shells out billions to Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton -- much of which isn't properly accounted for -- she cuts funding to help those injured and maimed in war.

5. Voted for a budget resolution that proposed cuts of $92 billion from Medicaid, $14 billion in veterans’ programs, $2 billion in student loans, $6 billion in child nutrition programs and $7 billion in assistance to farmers over the next decade in order to help fund tax cuts favoring the wealthy (HCR 95, Vote #82, 3/21/03)

These are programs that are used by ordinary West Virginians. To me it shows Shelley Moore Capito does not like ordinary folk. I guess only rich folk get support from her.

6. Voted against a measure to require company executives to personally certify the accuracy of corporate financial statements and would have enabled the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to punish executives for falsifying their statements (HR 3763, Vote # 108, 4/24/02)

After Enron, WorldCom and other corporate scandals, this should have been an easy decision for her. Once again, the corrupt are supported by Shelley Moore Capito. When they contribute to her campaign, she's got to give them what they want in the corrupt Republican controlled Congress.

7. Voted against amendments in a budget bill to increase funding for state and local law enforcement and community policing and to restore $286 million to cuts made to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants which are a primary source for law enforcement to combat the production of methamphetamines (HR 2862, Vote ## 244 and 245, 6/14/05)

Of course Republicans are cutting law enforcement funds. They don't care about catching crooks. AFter all, they're busy stealing America blind.

8. Voted against a proposal to make it illegal during an energy emergency to sell crude oil, gasoline and petroleum at unconscionable levels (HR3402, Vote 500, 7/28/05)

She's got to support price gouging when she's in Tom Delay's pocket.

9. Voted to delay implementation of a new rule to reduce the allowable levels of arsenic in drinking water (from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion) (HR 2620, Vote # 288, 7/27/01

This is just plain sad for America. I'm not sure how she sleeps at night.

10. Voted against a motion that would allow the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for seniors and would ease requirements for importation pf lower priced drugs from Canada and instead voted for the Republican Medicare prescription drug bill that gives billions of dollars in subsidies to the health care industry, increases premiums and deductibles to seniors and produces a gap in coverage (HR 1, Vote ## 668 and 6691/21/03. 1/22/03)
Corporate payback for contributions.

So what can you do to oust someone from Congress?

Democratic candidate Mike Callaghan will be holding a community discussion in Berkeley County at 3:30 pm Tuesday at his headquarters at 123 South Queen St., Martinsburg. Unlike Capito, who closed off events to the public following criticism of her support of President Bush's privatization of Social Security, Callaghan wants to hear what people think about the war, Medicaid, education, policing. A rally will follow at the headquarters at 5:15 p.m.

Visit Mike's web site for more information or to contribute to his campaign.


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